System that enables guests to check-in from any device, online, automatically and with no need of a receptionist.

A 100% web tool from which guests can scan their passport, sign documents, pay their bill, select their room, check-out, and much more.

  • No need to download an app.
  • Enables travellers with bookings from any channel (direct web, TTOO, OTA) to check-in online.
  • Optimising the check-in process enables to significantly lighten the workload at the reception.
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Captive WiFi Portal

Our First Party Data generator Captive WiFi Portal gathers information that enables you to keep in touch with your guest at all times and be aware of their needs.

Thanks to automated features, you can disintermediate thousands of reservations, promote your hotel brand, increase guest satisfaction or improve your online reputation ranking position.

  • Create a database verified quickly.
  • Create an automatic guest loyalty programme in a matter of minutes.
  • Know the opinion of the guests with satisfaction surveys.
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WiFiBot is able to monitor the health of the entire system 24/7 and solves guests’ connection problems remotely. In addition, it can anticipate new incidents and notify risks.

It controls the performance, detects and solves the problems with the WiFi network automatically, without the hotel staff or technicians having to intervene.

  • Anticipates possible malfunctions or network saturation.
  • Continuously evaluates components to avoid downtime or network failures.
  • Capable of monitoring any element connected to the network regardless of the vendor.
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Hotelinking services

We help you improve and optimize all your systems

  • Integrations with PMS and third parties:

    Easy and simple integrations with other tools, softwares and vendors.

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  • Network Operation Center (NOC):

    Intended for the setup, management, maintenance and monitoring of the WiFi network.

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  • 24/7 support:

    We provide technical support 24 hours a year for all our products and services through different channels.

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More than 10 million registered users in more than 1,000 hotel properties

  • José Martínez

    This suite of tools is our marketing automation stack of choice. I strongly recommend it to any hospitality marketer who is serious about guest engagement.

    José Martínez Marketing and Direct Sales Manager - BLUESEA
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  • Maria Serra

    Its tools work fully automated, and is playing a key role in our direct online sales strategy. We have experienced a significant increase in direct bookings.

    Maria Serra Ecommerce Manager - Zafiro Hotels
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