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GPON Module

GPON Module

The GPON part of WiFiBot includes equipment set-up and monitoring to simplify the complexity of maintaining GPON networks in hotels.

Unlike other Internet service provider-oriented solutions, WiFiBot focuses on the quality of service and not just infrastructure.


  • Equipment set-up and monitoring

    This provides a complete
    view of network operation and enables proactive and accurate management
    when services fail.

  • Automated incident resolution

    Makes it easy to manage GPON networks by eliminating the
    dependency on third parties.

  • Autonomy in setting up and managing from the hotel

    The hotel technician can
    make changes and setups directly from a mobile device.

Problems: initial cost and dependence on external suppliers

Implementing a GPON fibre optic infrastructure can be costly compared to other network options. It requires significant investment in equipment, cables and skilled labour for installation.

Hotels using GPON fibre optics often rely on third-party providers for network set-up, maintenance and troubleshooting. This can lead to delays in resolving technical issues and increased reliance on third parties.

Problems: management complexity and physical vulnerability

Managing a GPON fibre optic network can be more complex than other technologies.

Although fibre optics are less susceptible to electromagnetic interference, they may be more vulnerable to physical damage, such as cable breaks due to excavations or other incidents. This may require additional effort in terms of infrastructure maintenance and protection.

Problems: Roaming management between ONTs

Another disadvantage of GPON technology is roaming management between ONTs (Optical Network Terminals). The challenge of managing roaming efficiently can arise in hotel environments with multiple ONTs distributed in different areas of the hotel.

Proper roaming management is crucial to ensuring a seamless connectivity experience for guests. It requires careful set-up and monitoring to avoid interruptions or connection problems when switching ONTs.

Problems: difficulty in identifying specific problems

If a problem occurs in a specific service in a particular ONT, it is difficult to identify the root cause without a detailed view of the services in that ONT.

Monitoring at the aggregation level does not provide the granularity needed to diagnose problems at a deeper level.

WiFiBot is a fully cloud-based solution that requires no on-premise physical device.

GPON Module with WiFiBot is a fully cloud-based solution that requires no on-premise physical device.

It extracts information from connected devices, makes decisions and performs actions in response to specific events.

It can be configured on existing networks or used as a deployment tool on new networks. One of the main advantages of WiFiBot is its ability to integrate any other devices that are not part of the core network infrastructure but provide services to hotel guests or are critical to hotel operations. By integrating these devices into the WiFiBot ecosystem, their management is centralised and seamless coordination between them and the network infrastructure is achieved.

With WiFiBot, you get a comprehensive solution that goes beyond traditional network management. It allows you to optimise guest experiences, automate routine tasks, and proactively address network issues. By leveraging WiFiBot’s capabilities, you can improve operational efficiency, provide better connectivity and provide superior service to your guests.

WiFiBot is highly compatible and integrable with most solutions and manufacturers available on the market. Its flexible design and architecture allow easy integration with a wide range of devices, systems and service providers. WiFiBot can also integrate with hotel management systems (PMS), access control systems, security solutions, automation systems and any other platform relevant to hotel operations.

Advantages: higher speed and bandwidth

GPON fibre optics provide faster download and upload speeds than other network technologies.

This gives guests a faster and smoother internet connection experience, allowing them to enjoy high-demand online services such as video streaming, video conferencing and large file downloads without performance issues.

Advantages: stable, high-quality connectivity. Increased capacity and scalability

GPON fibre optics offer a stable and reliable connection. This is essential in a hotel environment, where guests expect constant and seamless connectivity.

GPON fibre optics have a greater capacity to handle multiple devices and services simultaneously. This is especially beneficial in hotels with a high guest volume and many connected devices.

Advantages: increased security. Less latency and higher throughput

GPON fibre optics offer greater security than other networks, since they are more difficult to intercept and less vulnerable to external interference.

GPON fibre optics provide lower latency compared to other network technologies. This means online communications and interactions are faster and more responsive, improving the user experience.

Advantages: transmission distance. Convergence of services on a single cable

Fibre optics have a much higher transmission capacity compared to UTP cables.

The GPON fibre optic network enables the convergence of multiple services on a single cable. This means that Internet, television, telephony and other services data can be transmitted simultaneously over the same fibre optic.

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