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Ask guests to fill in a satisfaction survey during their stay

Ask guests to fill in a satisfaction survey during their stay

When a negative comment has already been published on Tripadvisor, it is already too late. Hotelinking allows you to detect unhappy guests who are still in the hotel and this way, you will be able to find a solution during their stay.


  • Sending time can be personalised

  • In the guest’s language

  • Optimised for mobile devices

Create programmable satisfaction surveys

Every hotel is different and has different average stay durations. For this reason, Hotelinking can be configured so that satisfaction surveys can be sent during a guest’s stay in minutes, hours or days from the moment the guest connects to the property’s WIFI.

Create alarms when unhappy guests are detected

Using the tool, you can establish a cut-off mark from 0 – 10, so that surveys filled in by guests staying in the hotel who have given a score which is lower than this cut-off number will generate an email alarm. You may configure the tool so that one or several email addresses may receive the alarms.

Satisfaction surveys during stay

We offer hotel staff the necessary tools to improve client satisfaction at the perfect moment.

90 % of negative comments that appear in a hotel’s Tripadvisor profile are published while the guest is still in-house. The majority of problems can be resolved before the guest leaves.

Hotelinking offers guests a direct channel of communication with the hotel to share their level of satisfaction in detail. This way, hotel staff can react in time and resolve any undesired situations. This can prevent any unfair negative comments from being published on Tripadvisor, and may even turn these into positive comments.

A client is doubly satisfied when an undesired situation is resolved quickly.

Personalise and automate your emails

During their stay, guests will receive a personalised email in their language, sent at the moment determined by the hotel. This email will allow them to directly access the online survey where they will be able to give a score to indicate their level of satisfaction (and write a detailed comment).

Learn about the responsive web application that will allow your guests to give a score to indicate their level of satisfaction

This email will take the guest to a responsive website, where they will be able to use their mobile phone or tablet to leave a score to indicate their level of satisfaction.

Discover how to create multiple users to manage the different alerts

It is possible to use the Hotelinking panel to configure different users to monitor the survey module during the guests’ stay. Each user can also receive important alerts when it is necessary to act to pacify unhappy guests.

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