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Credit card pre-authorization

Credit card pre-authorization

It is possible to assign a specific credit to each guest, by blocking a security deposit with their credit card and updating the PMS. A hassle-free and 100 % safe system for both parties.


  • Available for multiple rooms

  • Connection with the hotel’s payment gateway

  • Expense management screen for the guest

Double opt-in confirmation

If the guests decide to pre-authorize a credit, a message will be displayed advising them that it is necessary to use a credit card with a sufficient balance. If they decline this option, they will receive a message to remind them the benefits of this service.

Security deposit

The client can indicate what amount wishes to deposit. In case there is a balance, the operation will be carried out on the payment gateway. As a guarantee for the hotel, the amount is blocked and authorized in the client’s credit card balance. If during the stay they have not consumed the credit, the remaining amount is unlocked.

Guest credit management screen

Once the credit is authorised, the guest will receive a personalised URL by mail or SMS to manage the hotel credit. This URL will also allow the user to pay upon check out. On this screen, the user will be able to see the expenses to date and pay the pending credit or add more balance for their consumption in the property.

Card pre-authorisation and check-out

Credit card pre-authorization and check-out

During the AutoCheckin process, once the user has visited the payment module and has either postponed payment or finished the process, they will be presented with the credit pre-authorisation module.

In order for the guest to access the card pre-authorisation module, certain requirements must be met by the hotel:

  • That the module is activated for that property.
  • That it has a payment platform configured to be able to pre-authorise cards. Platforms can be configured differently to pay and to pre-authorise, and can be the same.
  • In the card pre-authorisation configuration section, it must be possible to define a minimum and a maximum to be pre-authorised.

Learn more about this module in the Credit card pre-authorization manual.

Expense summary

The guest will be able to know at all times the expense summary by room, and if possible, depending on the PMS, if the payment has been settled or is still pending. Besides, they will have the option to increase their credit should they wish to do so.

Possibility of instant or on account payment

The guest can decide at any time whether they want to pay on the spot or accumulate the balance for when they leave the hotel. Always subject to previously authorised and available credit.

Check-out option

The check-out button will remain disabled until the day of departure. The process consists of paying the pending expenses at the time of formalising the departure from the hotel.

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