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Discover key statistics to promote your hotel’s marketing strategies

Discover key statistics to promote your hotel’s marketing strategies

We offer you a complete statistics system where you can see all the performance and benefits that you will get from using our tools and that you can implement very easily in your marketing strategy.


  • Information from your guests loaded in real time

  • Data can be exported in Excel or CSV format

  • Integrations with third parties to export data

Consult your database in real time

You can see all the information about guests who have connected to the WiFi in your control panel or dashboard in real time: name, email address, D.O.B, gender, language, etc. You can export the complete guest table in Excel or CSV format.

Consult the value that our tools offer you

With our complete statistics system, you can see the value that our tools offer you, as well as the total number of users, clicks, impressions and reputation, etc.

Receive automated reports periodically

You can automate the sending of data per chain or hotel and the users you consider relevant. This way, you will be aware of the value that the tool is offering your marketing strategy at all times.

Discover key statistics to promote your hotel’s marketing strategies

Getting to know your guests is fundamental for improving your brand and winning their trust.

Statistics provide valuable information about your guests’ trends in your property. This data will help you to launch marketing campaigns that are more and more segmented.

On the control panel that we will offer you when you sign up to our products, you will have detailed information about your database: global user data, clicks and impressions, reputation when you are able to see the average score that your guests have awarded the property, client and employee ratios of interaction, etc. All of this information is exportable and you will be able to receive notifications with the most relevant information by email.

You will be able to see the benefit and value that using our tools offers your property at all times.

Export the data that you need

You can also export all the information that you wish in Excel or CSV format from the statistics panel. The advantage of this is that you can filter it so that you only receive the data that you want to receive.

Export data via API

If you prefer to download the data automatically, you have an API to feed your PMS, Data Warehouse or any other tool used to centralise the data that you use.

Compare the data with the hotels in your chain

Our dashboard offers you the possibility, in the case of hotel chains, to compare the data obtained in the different hotels. This way you will be able to get a global overview of the performance in each hotel and see which are more successful and which require action to strengthen them.

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