Hotel Data Advanced Course

Hotelinking presents its exclusive book:

Hotel Data Advanced Course

A new and powerful marketing strategy based on the data you get from your guests. A book written by our CEO Daniel Alzina.

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What will you find?

  • Loyalty

    How to get the most out of the data you get from your guests.

  • Direct bookings

    How to increase direct sales at your website by repeat guests.

  • Branding

    How to enhance your hotel’s internal and online reputation.

Book description

As soon as we started Hotelinking, we realized the hotel sector was missing a key part of driving the direct reservation channel. The main reason was, and continues to be, the lack of data that is useable from a digital marketing point of view.


The scarcity of guest data in the hotel sector is due to a number of factors. The main and most impacting factor is the origin of bookings, which go through intermediaries that do not allow key client or guest information to be passed to the hotel or chain.


Working alongside all our clients every day, we have been able to build and consolidate unique knowledge that we now want to share via this book. We know exactly which ingredients are needed for the recipe of success, and using not only this book, but also other documents that we will publish, we want to put all of our knowledge at the disposal of the hotel industry and their employees.


This book was written for all of these, especially those who want to expand their knowledge of new technology and advanced marketing strategies that will allow their hotel or chain to significantly improve the direct relationship with their clients.


The origin of new hotel marketing strategies is in the powerful concept of Hotel Data.

The Interior part our book: Hotel Data


The back cover our book Hotel Data
  • What is Hotel Data?

  • The Amazon case

  • Hotel Data applied to increase direct sales to returning guests

  • Hotel Data of travellers who booked through commissioned channels

  • Hotel Data of travellers who booked through the direct channel

  • Enrichment of Hotel Data to achieve more specific segmentation

  • Areas to develop Hotel Data with greatest positive impact on the hotel

  • Test to identify quality Hotel Data in hotel systems

  • Common problems that prevent a hotel from generating Hotel Data

  • Steps to take to begin generating Hotel Data automatically

Daniel Alzina

About Daniel Alzina

Daniel Alzina is one of the founders and CEO of the Majorca-based start-up company Hotelinking.

He is a Product Manager and sales professional with 10 years of experience in the travel, tourism, software, technology, consultancy and BPO industries. He has extensive knowledge of electronic commerce, digital marketing and growth hacking, with a strong focus on sales and team management.

What hotel operators think of the book

“Hotel Data is an all-new concept that enables innovation in hotel marketing strategies.”

José Martínez

Marketing and Sales Manager at Blue Sea Hotels

“This book covers the hotelier’s main goal: knowing who our hotel’s guests are, gathering their data in a systematic, legal and orderly manner to utilise this information encouraging efficient direct sales and reducing fees due to third-party sales. If you are concerned about your hotel’s profitability, this book is a must-read.”

Alonso Martos

Digital Business Strategy at Barceló Hotel Group

“In a different and entertaining way, Daniel Alzina explains the power of data for hotel marketing and how it can help us increase direct sales and make our clients loyal.”

Miguel Arellano

Marketing Manager at Hotel Astoria Playa and CEO at O2MAD

“Daniel Alzina has found the way to apprehend the necessity and great value that the combination of data, autonomy and technology has to the hospitality industry. Thanks to his experience and knowledge, he has been able to manifest this in his book, in a very useful and efficient manner.”

Vanessa Tejada

Marketing Responsible at Logitravel for Vacation Packages

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